How to use Real 360

See below for details on how to use Real 360 service

Connecting Insta360 ONE X

1.Connect the ONE-X camera to the smartphone with the special Insta360 cable (C-Type)

2.On the bottom of the app’s main page, click ‘Connect 360 Camera’ and select ONE-X.

3.Select the camera that appears in the list. Establish the connection by swiping right on the button in the device list.

4.Once the connection is complete, the footage recorded through the camera appears on the app screen.

FITT360 Connect
Connecting Real 360 App and FITT360

1. Turn on both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in your smartphone’s settings.

2. Open the cover on the bottom of FITT360 and press down the power button for at least 3 seconds to turn on the power.
The LED light flashes during booting and a notification sounds and vibration indicate booting completion.
(To power OFF also hold the power button for at least 3 seconds)

3. Press down the connection button with a Wi-Fi symbol on the inner side of FITT360 for at least 3 seconds; the connection button blinks.
(Only used for first connection)

4. At the bottom of the app’s main page, select the ‘Connect camera’ menu and find the 360 camera that appears in the list.

5. Select “Yes” on the popup to check the Bluetooth connection.

6. When the connection is complete, a notification sound plays, and the app screen displays what is being filmed with the camera.

RICOH THETA Z1, V connect

1. Select the smartphone “Settings” >Turn Wi-Fi on > tap THETA in the network selection

2. Start the Real360 app to take photos with RICOH THETA

3. Check the photos and videos in Gallery and download them

Real 360 Live
How to use the service

1. While the 360 camera is connected, click the ‘Live Broadcast’ icon on the home screen.

2. Register your social media channel and account information and start 360 Live.

1. Select Real 360 live broadcast

2. Select the social media channel

3. Live broadcast

* Live account information only needs to be registered during first use and is automatically connected from the next use on
The account can also be connected through the Settings > Account management > Social Media Connection menu.
Real 360 Video Calling

1. Select the Call icon on the home screen.

2. When moving to the contacts section, the contact list stored on the smartphone appears.

3. After selecting the 'Real 360' users from the list, press 'Real 360 call' and the call is connected.

1. Select the call icon

2. Select the contacts

3. Connect 360 video call

* The 'Real 360' logo is displayed in the contact list for ‘Real 360’ users.
You can send an app download message and invite persons who are not using 'Real 360'.
Real 360 Group Calling
Invite to group call from Contacts

1. In the Contacts screen, select the group call menu.

2. Select the group call participants.

3. Press the call button on the lower right.

1. Select Contacts > Group call

2. Select call participants

3. Press the call button

Invite to group call while on call

1. Press the icon on the top right corner while on a call and the menu appears.

2. Press 'Invite call participant' and select the participants to add from the list.

3. Press the call button on the lower right and the participants are added.

1. Select the menu icon while on call

2. Select invite call participant

3. Select video call button

Real 360 We Story
Upload Real 360 We Story

1. Tap the button in the top right corner of Gallery, My Story

2. Select the ‘Upload’

    ※ Sending via Real360: Send gallery over via Real 360 / Share with other app: select the app wish to share

3. Type the text and tap 'Complete'

1. Icon Select

2. We Story Upload

3. Type the text and tap Complete