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  • Real 360 is a ‘360-degree real-time communication service’ that uses video recorded with a 360-degree camera for real-time live broadcasting (YouTube, Facebook) or inviting others in the contact list to video calls not just via WiFi but also mobile networks such as 5G/LTE.
  • While the service is also open to other network or LTE subscribers, there is a difference in the resolution of 360-degree video that can be transmitted.
    For KT 5G subscribers, videos can be uploaded in up to 4K resolution. Further, the bandwidth, low latency and other requirements for smooth real-time transmission of 360-degree video can be met more stably if there is 5G coverage.
  • Other network operator subscribers can also download Real 360 and calls are possible between customers who have installed the app.
    However, for other network operator or KT LTE customers, UHD calls are restricted to ensure video quality.
  • Currently connection with RICOH THETA Z1, V, Insta360 ONE X, and FITT360 available We plan to expand lineup by continuously connecting or sourcing 360 cameras
  • Live social media videos are automatically uploaded to YouTube, Facebook and can be checked after the broadcast.
  • A recording function is provided during calls and the recording starts after all call parties have agreed.
    You can check recorded videos in the ‘video call’ tab of ‘Real 360 Gallery’.
  • With the story function, you can easily edit 360-degree video and keep a record.
  • Currently, due to the characteristics of the FITT360 device, service can only be provided with the resolution set in advance; changing the resolution in mid-service is not possible.
    When using live or video calls, the resolution can be changed after the video has stopped. The new resolution is then applied after restarting.
  • For smooth video uploads, a minimum speed of 10Mbps is required; when using group video calls, the minimum required speed (bandwidth) increases according to the number of group members.
  • When using live or video calls, the below variables can affect video quality.
    (specifications of the smartphone used, network status of the sender or receiver, live platform policy or server issues, camera heating, charging level etc.)
    If no 5G network is used, you can achieve somewhat smoother results by lowering the sending resolution to match the status of the network used (Real 360 app>settings>upload resolution). (Only for KT 5G subscribers)
    If the problem is not solved after checking the above conditions, you can leave a question in the Real 360 app under see more>1:1 question and we will provide a response method after checking the issue.
  • For Samsung Galaxy S10 users, go into the smartphone’s settings app and under the ‘Connection>Data usage>Apps using mobile data only’ menu, select ‘Real 360’ and the switch on the right is activated.
    If you select the Real 360 App, you can set your phone to use only mobile data within the App even if Wi-Fi mode is activated. This enables you to use the service with even more stable quality.

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