The superpower of seeing the world
in first person 360°

FITT360 Introduction and Special Features

Place FITT360 on your neck, press a button and start doing anything
Your every moment is captured in 360° 4K video and images.
With the hands-free 5G wearable 360 camera FITT360,
create 360° videos, live stream in 360°, make 360° video calls
and share your life in a more special way.

Hands-free 5G wearable 360 camera

FITT360 is a 360-degree camera worn around the neck.
No more annoying cradles or tripods; just hang the lightweight
FITT360 on your neck and start filming.
Capture your special moments freely and comfortably.

Perfectly capture your 1st person perspectiveWith just one 360° camera

Unlike other 360-degree cameras, FITT360 captures
your surroundings from your perspective.
It therefore gives video viewers the most immersive experience
as though they were the protagonist in the video.
Basketball, football, fishing, traveling and more –
share various experiences recorded with FITT360 with many others.
Your memories will become everyone’s shared experience.

Easy filming With a simple recording method
and automatic stitching function

Even without connecting to the FITT mobile app,
you can easily film and take pictures with FITT360’s three buttons.
There’s also no need to worry about stitching
(the process of combining images into 360 degrees)!
Images recorded from each camera are automatically combined
into 360 degrees and stored within the product itself, no separate program needed.

Real-time sharing 360° live

Through Real 360 service, beyond recording videos/images, you can also enjoy real-time social media live streaming and 360-degree video calls anytime, anywhere.
The vivid 360° world is even richer with real-time communication.

Make long recordings with no worries
Large battery and storage space

FITT360’s large capacity 1920mAh supports 60min of non-stop filming. At 64GB, there is ample internal storage for an even more convenient recording experience. If you want to make longer or larger recordings, don’t worry! Try creating more and longer stories through USB C charging and inserting external memory.

Ergonomic design Lighter and more comfortable

With a light weight of just 240g and an ergonomic design,
FITT360 was created to minimize wearer
discomfort even after long periods of use.

Increased convenience of use Strong water/heat protection

FITT360 has IPX4 water resistance for daily life and was designed with heat protection to minimize any hot sensation
when touching the body.
Enjoy even freer and safer 360° video recording.